We are professionals in Event support service

PennyWise are highly qualified and experienced professionals, able to carry out the stage set-up, lighting, sound, image, scenery and space adaptation. We can organize a team that will fit you like a glove, with professionals from all the right backgrounds, bringing together all the required infrastructure so you can host a great event. You will only work with the best trained and perfectly coordinated teams. And for you, it couldn't be easier.

Specialized professionals: Stagehands, forklifters, We are your local crew!

We can form a multidisciplinary team and with as many specialities as you need in order to set up large scale and technically complex stagings.

We are fast and efficient.

A contact person will be available at all times with a 24/7 emergency telephone number in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Your administrative dealings will be very straightforward.

All the paperwork and documentation will be digitised and permanently available for immediate access.